Bracelet Silver

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Silver symbolises courage and tranquillity.

SILVER is a timeless unisex bracelet from the Austrian I AM IN PEACE label.

  • jewellery pendant made of 925 sterling silver
  • silver stands for courage and tranquillity
  • wear-resistant nylon cord
  • adjustable via slipknot
  • bracelet with a disc pendant
  • rhodinised with a polished surface
  • handcrafted friendship bracelet
  • energises and enhances your inner sense of wellbeing
  • available in various colours


Material 925 sterling silver, rhodinised, polished surface
Pendant size
15 mm / 0.59"
Bracelet length
22 cm / 8.6" (adjustable)

The pendant has been designed to ensure you always see the message: I AM IN PEACE. The things we read multiple times every day imprint themselves in our subconscious. You are what you think. Inner and outer peace begins with you!

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